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Friendship against "epidemic" and Overcoming Difficulties Together--Overseas Partners and GMU extended sympathy letters to mutual Staff and Students

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During China’s battle against the novel coronavirus, Guangzhou Maritime University (GMU) has received warm regards from leaders and representatives of foreign universities and overseas cooperating partner institutions, expressing their concerns and support to GMU staff and students. On the battle field of fighting against the epidemic, we are not alone.


It's worthwhile to mention that we have currently received letters of condolence from some overseas partners, which include, among others, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy, Krirk University, Thailand,
University Of Rzeszów, Poland, University of Strathclyde, UK, Fairfield University, USA, Dresden International University
(DIU), Germany, Hokkaido University, Japan, as well as some universities from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan etc. They expressed their respects and appreciation for China’s efforts to prevent and control the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic. We appreciate all their support and have confidence in winning the battle by joint efforts. May the friendship last forever!





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