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The Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement between GMU and Boya International Education and the Opening Ceremony of Sino-German Postgraduate Training Program was successfully held

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On the afternoon of January 6, 2020, GMU held the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between GMU and Boya International Education and the opening ceremony of the Sino-German postgraduate training project. President Zou Cairong, Vice-chairman Zhao Lehui, Vice-president Tang Qianrong and CEO Li Donglin, President of Boya International education group attended the opening ceremony.




Li Donglin, President of Boya International Education delivered a speech, thanking GMU president Zou Cairong and other school leaders for their high attention and trust support to the international class of Sino-Germany master's degree project, and made a good prospect for the international school running of the international class, keeping in mind the original mind, keeping in mind the mission, being more confident in running the international class and promoting the international school running atmosphere of the school.


Under the witness of vice chairman Zhao Lehui and Vice-president Tang Qianrong and other relevant personnel, President Zou Cairong and President Li Donglin held a grand signing ceremony and class opening ceremony. President Zou Cairong solemnly announced the official opening of China Germany master's class.



Xie Zixiao, a student of international class, made a positive speech as a student representative. He expressed his gratitude to GMU for opening a Sino-German postgraduate cultivation program and providing an excellent learning platform. He also expressed that he will study together with his classmates and make progress in the future in the family of international class in order to improve ourselves, win honor and glory for GMU, and become the pride of GMU in the future.



In the end, President Zou Cairong has high expectation for the study of the students in the international class. He hopes that the international class will run better. He hopes that the students will cherish the opportunity to study in the University and abroad, build up confidence, overcome difficulties and meet challenges, not only learn professional knowledge well, but also master English and German, and finish their studies smoothly. He also wishes that the students can achieve success sooner and faster.







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