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  Guangzhou Maritime University (GMU) is your university for: Navigation Technology, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Harbour Navigable Channel and Coastal Engineering, Communication Engineering, Business English, Ship and Ocean Engineering, Electric and Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Engineering Supervision, Energy Sources and Dynamic Engineering, International Business, Communications Management, Maritime Affairs Management, Electronic Business, Digital Media Art, Civil Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Financial Management, Mechanical Engineering, Finance, Law and Tourism Management.Every year, Guangzhou Maritime University enrolls about 4000 students, who take the National College Entrance Examination and meet the matriculation standers, from 25 provinces or municipalities in China.


            GMU is a fully accredited, both three years and four years, provincial university offering both diploma and Bachelor degrees that are highly regarded in maritime industry, logistics industry, ports, navigable channel companies, maritime administration, customs, rescue bureaus and salvage bureaus throughout the country and others.  Located near Huangpu Port, east of Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Maritime University is the ideal university to pursue your love for the ocean, your concern for the environment, your interest in science and technology, and your thirst for adventure.






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