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Student Union of Guangzhou Maritime University is one organization which consist of all student in our school and under the leadership of the Chinese communist party, under the guidance of the communist youth league, adhering to the "unity, pragmatic, brave in exploitation, positive innovation" work principle, following and carrying out the party's policy of education, in order to organize a variety of beneficial activities, provide students with a diversified platform to show themselves better.

At the same time, we are the bridge between teachers and students, helping students to reflect their problems in the school life ,encouraging them making and handing in reasonable suggestions to the school.     

We organize students to participate in the construction of democratic management and development of the school work, not only promoting the all-round development of school, but also increasing students' subjective initiative, improving the degree of participation and enthusiasm of the students.    

      Student union of Guangzhou maritime institute is composed of the standing committee(bureau) and the secretariat, propaganda department, study-improving department, sports department, girls’ communications department, department of foreign affairs ,network technological department, department of rights and interests maintenance, department of entertainment, totally ten functional departments, according to their respective responsibilities to carry out their daily work.
















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